Happy Birthday, Valentin Grigoriyevich Rasputin–born 15 March 1937

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Happy Birthday, Valentin Rasputin!
Valentin Rasputin was born March 15, 1937.

from “Siberia, Siberia”:

“The normal concept of beauty fits Baikal least of all. What we take for beauty is an impression of a different type, like something that hangs above the horizon of our sensitivity, No matter how often you’ve been to Baikal, no matter how well you know it, each new encounter is unexpected and requires effort on your part. Each time you seemingly have to raise yourself to a certain height again and again in order to be on the same plane, in order to see and hear it.
Not everything, as we know, has a name. It’s impossible to give a name to the regeneration that occurs in people when they’re near Baikal. There’s no need to remind anyone that for this to take place a person must have a soul. And here stands and looks around, is filled with something and carried off somewhere, and can’t understand what’s happening to him. Like a fetus in it’s mother’s womb, he passes through all the evolutionary stages of human development and, spellbound by the ancient, mighty unfolding of this miracle, he experiences the timeless tidal feeling of the powers that created humankind. ….”

About this site

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A few words about this  new site:

This site is intended to reflect my love for Lake Baikal.

You can find out more about why i even feel this way about Lake Baikal when I update my “about me” page.  For now, there will be about 3 main categories of posts:

–Baikal Posts

as the name suggests, these are posts that have something to do with Lake Baikal.

–Russia News

the posts here are posts that i have found  of news coming out of Russia. This category might also contain original articles about current events in Russia.

–Spotlight on:

this category will contain- at least weekly but quite possibly daily- features about something interesting or important that I think you, awesome reader, should know about.

All of these categories would warmly welcome comments!

There are lots of other little side(bar) trips you can take along the way on your journey to and through Lake Baikal. So, please stay tuned ….and welcome!