Ride the Trans Siberian!

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Oh, WOW! I do feel like I have stumbled upon something so magnificent, I can hardly contain myself. Thanks to Google Maps and Russian Railways, we can become armchair passengers on the Trans-Siberian from our very own дом!! Jump on the train in Moscow and ride all the way to Vladivostok. Quick, go grab some Квас and come back and press the play button. To make it even more fantastic, you can select a soundtrack to your liking. If you are like me, the “Rumble of the tracks” sends your soul soaring and provides you with a happiness that has no equal. No? It’s not for you or it puts you to sleep? Well, practice your Russian and listen to War and Peace while you are riding the rails.
Боже мой!

click here: Trans-siberian ride

p.s. this is so fantastic, i will be putting it over on the sidebar as a permanent fixture on baikalogy as soon as i figure out how to do just that.

old website collage

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i stumbled upon this old collage. i made this back in 2008 as a template for the background for baikalogy. it fell by the wayside eventually and i went with wordpress. my idea was that i would use it as the background and you (kind reader) would be able to click around the collage to open new pages. well, maybe in the future…..who knows. it’s cute, though, and i thought i’d share it with you. baikalogycollage
it’s kind of a cozy little collage for a cozy kind of a day.